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Manufacturing a VR viewer? Create a viewer profile to make sure your viewer will work seamlessly with Google Cardboard apps.


Here is the QR viewer profile generated for:
{{ params.vendor }} {{ params.model }}

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Getting started


You will need an Android or iOS smartphone that supports WebGL.

You will also need to know the pixels per inch of the phone's display.

Nexus 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus


Use your phone and open the URL or scan the QR code below.







Place your phone in the viewer. Use the viewer parameter form below to calibrate your VR scene.



Tip: The VR scene is synced to the Viewer Parameter Form. You can adjust the parameters using your keyboard while the viewer is held up to your head.

Use the “tab” key to jump between fields. Use the up and down keyboard arrows to increase or decrease values within the fields.

Viewer Parameter Form

Fill in the fields below to establish your viewer profile. Submit the form to generate a viewer QR profile.

The fields are saved in a Firebase Dynamic Link and encoded in a QR code.

Reset Form Save or Load Viewer Parameters

Save or load viewer parameters

If you ever need to save or load the parameters entered in this form, simply copy and paste the URI below:


Primary button type?


Screen to lens distance (mm) ?

Inter-lens distance (mm)?

Screen vertical alignment?


Tray to lens-center distance (mm)?

Distortion coefficients?

k{{name}} k{{name}} coefficient should not be left set to 0.00.

Advanced viewer parameters

Field-of-view angles?

{{name}} (°)
Viewer contains some embedded magnets. Selecting this checkbox will inform all apps built using the Cardboard SDKs that the smartphone’s magnetometer should not be used.?
Generate profile

Usage Guidelines

Before using this profile for your viewer, please download and thoroughly read the QR viewer profile usage guidelines (PDF). The information in these guidelines will help you to understand the appropriate use of the generated viewer profile, and learn about do's and don'ts when developing marketing, packaging and other materials for your viewer.